Month: June 2017

Learning with Master Chen Shiyu

The Wudang Daoist Martial Arts Academy is located at the Temple of the Returning Dragon (Huilong Guan 回龙观), high up in Wudang Mountains. It was founded by Master Chen Shiyu in 2007. Master Chen Shiyu has been training in Wudang Shan for over 20 years and… Read More ›

Wudang Kung Fu

sharing some fun footage i took in wudang mountain during summer 2011 song: “My name is Lincoln” from the movie The Island ——————————————————————— UPDATE 2015 ——————————————————————— Hey everybody! Thanks a lot for all the views and comments! The training in… Read More ›

Daoism: Origin

The Daoists trace their founder to the Yellow Emperor, and even to the Divine Farmer. They consider all the hermit philosophers under the Five Ti Rulers as of their school. Lu Shang, the prime minister of the first Chou emperor… Read More ›

36 Kicking Methods

三十六路腿法 Sān Shí Liù Lù Tuǐ Fǎ 36 kicking methods Note: The naming of movements often use “leg” or “foot”. The noun which refers to the body part which performs the action also refers to the action. It is common… Read More ›