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Monthly Archives: July 2017

wudang meditation wuji

“Human beings follow the pattern of Earth; Earth follows the pattern of Heaven; the Dao patterns heaven; Dao follows Nature.” Survival is the most fundamental need of human beings. The question of how to improve the quality of life, improve health and prolong life has been of central interest to us throughout time. Achieving good health has been a central part of the culture of Daoism. With its long history and development,… Read More

Summer Taiji Leather Shoes White

Optimal performance in summer may it be indoors or outdoors! This Summer Taiji Leather Shoes surely keep your feet from losing ground. The light and flexible sole is optimized for circling, and turning movements and the durable leather material comes with breathing holes to give your feet the cooling comfort during the heat of training. Unisex Leather material Custom-made Flexible Wushu rubber sole

Learning and Understanding Internal Martial Arts

Grasping the essence of internal martial arts is something that may happen along the way of endless physical and mental concentration practice. Today I want to bring the principles of internal martial arts closer to practitioners. There are not many martial arts schools (even in China) which are knowledgeable in this topic. The Fundamentals Everyone may practice internal martial arts, but one must understand that it is also a way of living…. Read More

Taiji Uniform Blue with 3/4 Sleeves

Comfortable lightweight Taiji uniform for hot climates with straight frog buttons in the front consisting of a short-sleeved shirt and pants. The practical cut allows great flexibility (splits, and high kicks). Unisex Cotton/linen material Custom-made Two front pockets (optional) 3/4 sleeves Elastic closed legs

Daoist Uniform Blue 3/4 Sleeves and Elastic White Pants

Master Ziji (Michael Weichhardt) designed this Daoist Robe for hot climates, while the uniform loses a bit in traditional design it manages to keep the typical Daoist fashion. Another reason for developing this uniform is to have more hand and arm freedom when practicing Taiji sword. The Uniform comes with a natural robe in cotton/linen and synthetic pants which are highly stretchable for a comfortable performance for movements that require a high… Read More

Sima Qian’s Shiji

In Sima Qian’s Shiji, it is written that Lao Tzu was a native of the state of Chu, which is located in what is today the southern part of China. It is also written in this ancient source that Lao Tzu’s name was Li Er ( 李耳) and that he served as a keeper of archival records at the Zhou imperial court. There have also been claims that Lao Tzu was consulted by Confucius… Read More

Learning Fu Hu Quan for Beginners Part 2

Step by step explanations of Fu Hu Quan - Taming the Tiger. This post consists of three videos and teaches Fu Hu Quan in a very slow pace for beginners. Master Ziji performs each step from different angles.

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What is Laozi’s central teaching?

The most important thing people can do in life, Laozi asserts in the Tao Te Ching and other works attributed to him, is to gain a state of silent awareness — to open the mind to its source: Become totally empty Quiet the restlessness of the mind Only then will you witness everything unfolding from emptiness See all things flourish and dance in endless variation And once again merge back into perfect emptiness— Their… Read More

Fundamental Guide to Wudang Taiji

Concepts Taiji is an ancient Chinese system of exercise for people of all ages that can prevent and cure disease. It promotes health and is also an effective form of self-defense. The circular movements of Taiji are non-strenuous, soft and flowing. It is often described as “moving meditation” because it relieves stress and improves concentration. The slow turning motions loosen the joints and spine and relax points of tension in the body. Taiji trains the mind to direct the… Read More

The Wudang Taiji System

Taiji is an internal training method that was created by the great Daoist priest and immortal, Zhang San Feng at Wudang Mountain. When people discuss Taiji, they are referring to Taijiquan or the forms practice involved in Taiji. However, in Wudang, Taijiquan is considered a part of the greater ‘Taiji System.’ The Taiji System is composed of 3 parts: Wuji, Taiji, and Liangyi. Each of these three parts contains their practices, purposes, and methods of training. Although the Taiji System is separated into three parts, they… Read More

The Origin of Taiji

Influenced by Daoist religion and philosophy, ancient Chinese people invented many methods for cultivating essential nature and eternal life for longevity and immortality: Dao Yin; Tu Na; sitting meditation; observing the inner body and the mind; five animal play; and, many ceremonial forms of Daoist rituals. These all contributed to the origins of Taiji. About 700 years ago, Zhang Sanfeng came to Wu Dang to cultivate his internal energy to achieve immortality. When he observed a snake fighting with a sparrow, he had a… Read More

Wudang Ji Ben Quan

Ji Ben Quan 基本拳 is the first basic fist set for long term students in Wudang. Ji Ben Quan promotes balance and position strength that is required for any other Wudang forms. All important basic postures are included (Mabu, Gombu, Pubu, Xiebu, Xübu,). In Wudang Ji Ben Quan one first learns relaxation and to be ready fast and explosive at the right time. Living right now in this moment is all that matters…...

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