Month: March 2018

Black Wudang Pants

Thanks for watching! See more at Classic lightweight masterclass pants in premium quality. The traditional Daoist cut and the reinforced seams allow very flexible movements. Unisex Cotton/linen material Custom-made Two side pockets (optional) Elastic closed legs Go to Youtube

Black Scabbard Classical Tai Chi Miao Dao + Carrying Bag

Thanks for watching! See more at Hand-crafted Miao Dao with a semi-flexible stainless steel blade. 140 cm total length and around 100 cm blade length. Rosewood Stainless steel semi-flexible blade Canvas Carrying Bag Go to Youtube

Black Peony Tai Chi Fan

Thanks for watching! See more at Professional crafted high quality Tai Chi Fan, with 13 ribbings made from bamboo and durable synthetic fibre with a strong coloration. Especially designed for modern Tai Ji Shan Zi, internal fan practice, kung… Read More ›

Black Dragon Eye Teacups

Thanks for watching! See more at Handmade teacups with a yellow bright dragon eye inside, like a dragon looking down from the sky. 7,7 mm x 4 mm ~200 ml Go to Youtube