About the Seminar in Vienna Now!

It is the 17th August, and we are at halftime of our five-day seminar in Vienna with master Chen Shiyu! Everything is going as planned and we are right on schedule with our content. I think the workshop inspires many people and also gives new insights and perspectives on the internal Wudang martial arts. Learning the right principles is essential, only with the knowledge of how to do it, one can attain mastery. Most of the movements are not seen outside and focus on Qi circulation, concentration, and breathing.

The videos will be available in our online class once I am done editing!

For now, the pictures from the last days are online and can be viewed here! Below every picture is a download button for you to download the picture in its full resolution! You are free to share as long you do not announce yourself as the photographer or use my photos for commercial use.

I have one more word for our participants: Thank you for being open-minded and eager to learn, I hope you enjoy this seminar and please leave me some feedback in the comment section below! Since it is our first seminar, I would like a chance to improve.

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