About the Wu Xing Qi Gong Hand Posture

About the Wu Xing Qi Gong Hand Posture

We had a question in our last seminar with master Chen Shiyu and the question was really hard to translate, it still is and here we will explain to you why!

The actual moment where the question came in can be watched in our video here:

The original question was:

Why this specific hand posture during Wu Xing Qi Gong?







This is called Ying-Yang. This is the Ying (pointing at right hand). We call this (pointing at finger sections), 子丑寅卯巳辰午未申有須亥 (the earthly branches). This is some of the Chinese culture, it’s more complex.

For this, it’s enough that you know Ying-Yang. If you know and understand some of the Chinese culture, you will know what this represents (touching fingers together), what this represents (pointing at the fingertip). So then you just take the hand (showing posture), this is Ying-Yang. Ying and Yang come into one is Tai Ji.

For our students from the west, if they don’t know about Chinese culture, one can learn the external form very well, very similar, but to understand it with the context beneath is more difficult.

If you want to better understand internal martial arts, you will need to know some of Chinese traditional culture.

It’s called: “Still without actions, feel and hence enlightened”.

That is the culture in Yi-Jing.

Q: Why is there a difference between male and female (hand posture)

A: 左為陽,右為陰。「負陰而抱陽,沖氣以為和」。它就是陽抱陰。

Left is Yang, right is Ying. “Putting down Ying and surround it with Yang. Fill with Qi to make harmony”. This is Yang around Ying (male example).

Q: (female student) I am more used to using the left hand. Some people are using more the right hand and some the left. Does this mean there is more Ying or more Yang side in a person?

A: 這沒有。這只是他的,左腦跟右腦開發,發育不同。但是陽永遠在左邊,我們中國人講左為大,右為次,中間為君主。這跟喜歡用右手,喜歡用左手,那沒關係。




That is not (the case). It only means one’s left brain and right brain may have different developments or growth. But Yang is always on the left-hand side. We Chinese say left is greater, right is second, the center is the master (the term means lord/king, meaning conscience or control). As for preferring to use the left or right hand, that is not related.

In China we pay attention to, for example, two people stand together, we say the left hand is greater (大, generally can mean physically larger, or more important, or of higher hierarchical position, or elder). That is to say, if you stay with a senior person, it means you should let the senior be on your left side. So left side is greater, we do it like this.

We have the saying, on the left the green dragon, on the right the white tiger. The dragon is more powerful than the tiger. So it is left being Yang, right being Ying. It’s how it is in the culture.

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