Advice on handling pulled muscles (light strains)

Advice on handling pulled muscles (light strains)

Hi everybody,

I am very easy to suffer light strains (pulled muscles, ) in my legs, so I would like to see if I can get any advice on helping the recovery and on preventing the problem as much as possible.

Typically I pull muscles when I run, and always in my calf or behind the thigh. I always do significant stretching before running, which helped a lot to reduce the frequency of the problem, but it still happens too often, and then I stop training until it healed, because although the pain is not much and it doesn’t prevent any movement, I’m quite sure that training on a pulled muscle makes the problem worse.

I probably have some kind of predisposition to pulling muscles. So I am trying to find out how the issue of pulled muscles is seen in Traditional Chinese Medicine or in Chinese martial arts. Any thoughts about that would be very appreciated. Category: General Discussion

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