Advice on training while healing from an injury

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Advice on training while healing from an injury

Hi Everyone,

  Last weekend I broke my kneecap. Luckily, as long as it doesn’t shift more, it won’t require surgery. It does, however, require at least 4 weeks in a brace and I am not supposed to put weight on it without support from crutches. I am experienced with modifying my Art Du Deplacement/Parkour training to simply not use the injured leg. I would like to minimize losing what I have gained via the online academy with regard to Wudang training though. I am experiementing with how much of the jian training I can do without using the footwork (ex. the stabbing drills I can do without the step, thereby still keeping the strength in my shoulders and wrists. I can still do the arm and breathing parts of the new, and much looked forward to, taiji jian form). Most of the forms I simply cannot do due to being unable to go into most of the stances. Once I am given the ok for putting weight on it I can go back to doing daily zhan zhuang.
  Anyway, I am just wanting to see if anyone has any ideas that I haven’t thought of, since working on forms is pretty much out of the question for the next few weeks (other than walking through them without the actual foot movements to keep my memory fresh). 
  As for the healing process, in case anyone is wondering, my wife and I are acupuncturists/herbalists, so we are adding that and doing anything I can to speed the healing process.
  Thanks in advance.
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