All Beginning in the Wudang Academy

All Beginning in the Wudang Academy

It is a clear Saturday morning in the fall and the Wudang students are punctually at 7 clocks to meet on the Jesuitenwiese. Together, they practice some of the oldest Qi Gong routines in Chinese history. It is late in the fall and in the morning, the dew is still on the grasses, the tingling cold goes under the jackets. Like a swimmer, who is already standing ready in the bathing suit and waiting to jump into the cold lake, the goose bumps rise up the back. Because everyone knows why everyone meets like every Saturday morning here.

Preparation and implementation

No compromise is made, and only the right technique of breathing, tension, and relaxation leads to what everyone wants to achieve at this early morning hour. In Wudang, the power of the elements is the way to find inner balance, like a stone defying the rain or a tree waiting for it to finally rain. A light mist rises before it disappears again with the first rays of sunshine. The change of heat and cold is like the implementation of yin and yang with power and breathing, can let go and find peace.

Motivation and inspiration

The excitement becomes anticipation and this leads to inspiration and implementation. Every success comes from the dark depth we find out every day. Accepting these challenges is the daily routine of every Daoist. Whether it really is about challenges cannot be determined from the eye of the beholder, because for us it is a way of life.

The way of our training

Blood and energy are what makes us human beings, the higher way of the sky is shown by the common spirit, only together the way of the people arises.

To the true self

The bridge of the self is stabilized with daily exercises. Among the three things that make up our health is a total training important. The vitality, energy and the spirit (nerves), everything starts with what we perceive and feel. Enjoying life means living without compromise with the things that are really important. Material things are less important in Daoism, quality of life is of paramount importance. Our needs show us the way of the heavens and our true purpose, but we can only find them out of total peace. From nothing arises one, from one, arises two, from two, arises three and from three arise all 10,000 things (everything). The beginning and the end are interlaced and thus both are of equal importance. Rest, relaxation, strength, direction (intention),

The importance of the master

Everyone has a lineage and this lineage affects the self. The different situations in which we thrive change our priorities and beliefs. However, the most important things are the same for everyone, regardless of where you come from. The first thing we all need is food, and enough sleep to gather new strength, from that moment on, every human being is like a piece of clay. If you form yourselves into a negative situation, people become depressed and unhappy, they are confused and do not find the way to the self. The frame of reference needs to be restored, in Daoism, it is our natural environment. In Qi Gong, it begins with postural corrections, Master is always here to correct the students and get them on the right path.

Lost in everyday life

In the urban jungle, the frames of reference are heavily shifted and these are last expressed on a physical level. What does it mean to find back to nature? Everyone in our academy knows their own answer and each day is precious to fulfill their desires.

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