Authentic Wudang Eight Brocades Qi Gong

Ba Duan Jin Qigong is one of the most original forms of Qigong, which was created in 1150. Baduanjin means “the 8 pieces of brocade” and received Taoist influence on the legends of the 8 immortals 200 years later.
The Ba Duan Jin Qigong of the Taoists in Wudang has been improved and further developed through the Taoist knowledge of the body and health over the past centuries. Ba Duan Jin Qigong consists of 8 exercises that strengthen the body and promote mobility through stretching, breathing, and tensing.

Practice with Master Ziji:

Here are the Ba Duan Jin Qigong exercises:

Support the sky with your hands: Stimulates the Sanjiao meridian 焦 (Wuxing: fire element) meridian; this has a positive effect on the kidneys and spleen. An upward movement with both arms connects to the center of the body by extending over the head.

Archery: Performed in a stable and wide position. Tension and sustained breathing create a pressure similar to drawing a bow. The following exercise aims to release this tension consciously. Archery is one of the most famous and important strengths and circulation exercises in Ba Duan Jin Qigong.

Separate heaven and earth: You are the center of yourself and stretch your arms outwards. While doing this tension, rotate the axis of the arms and hips as much as possible. This stretches and relaxes the joints in the arm and shoulder area, and old cramps are quickly relieved. It also has a positive effect on the stomach.

The wise owl looks back: Improves coordination and increases kidney and eye function. It also strengthens the neck and shoulders.

Swing your head from one side to the other: Mobilizes the functional column and activates the energy blockages and muscle tension. In Taoist Baduanjin, the hips are particularly stretched and stretched.

Touch your toes and bend backward: stretches and lengthens the muscles in your lower back. Promotes blood circulation and strengthens blood circulation.

Clench your fists with one sharp look: it trains oxygen supply and is good for reducing anger. Stimulates the liver and increases the fighting spirit.

Shake the body: Stretches the spine and promotes a straight posture. Balances the qi in the body and is therefore important as the last exercise.

Today, Ba Duan Jin Qigong is one of the oldest and proven types of Qigong. The beginner-friendliness is very high, you do not need any previous knowledge or basic fitness, which is why Ba Duan Jin Qigong is becoming increasingly popular. Here you can learn this form with its Taoist roots, for conscious physical health and more energy and activity in the exhaustion of everyday life.

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