Authentic Wudang Tai Chi Jian with Pommel Ring

Wudang Ji Ben Quan Tutorial Front and Back

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Sword style often used in Wudang by students and also masters. The ring pommel is very typical in ancient China, also very comfortable to put every style of tassels on. Sturdy, durable and fully functionally built for heavy duty practitioners. This design is very typical for Wudang!

Stainless steel
Flexible blade
Blade length: Choose from 3 Sizes
Total length: 113 cm (if 81 cm Blade Length)
Handle length: 19 cm
Blade width: 2.2-3.3 cm
Blade thickness: 2-6 mm
Weight without the sheath: 0.65 kg
Weight with sheath: around 0.9 kg

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