Authentic Wudang Taiji Cloud Hands

Authentic Wudang Taiji Cloud Hands

Cloud Hands Forward:

Cloud Hands Backward:

Taiji Concept

The guidance of the hands is essentially only what is visible to the others. Due to the straight posture, the self is consciously noticeable in order to bring the intention of the whole body in one direction, this poses mental and physical challenges. Yin and Yang, strength and relaxation must always be present to each other, and like piano, every student begins with small but steady steps. To be able to relax in terms of concentration, the clouds must be trained daily. The traditional Taiji method is an art that enhances the quality of life and self-esteem. Accuracy plays a very important role in understanding and applying the Taiji principle on all levels.

Cloud hands are the basic requirement for any Taiji base and are part of the concentration and body awareness required to practice Taijiquan seriously.

Our Students Learn Cloud Hands:

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