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  • Learning in a Wudang Taoist Martial Arts Academy

    The Wudang martial arts have always been closed to outsiders and are now open to the public a few decades ago. The political situation was complicated, and without having too much politics here, it is now allowed to talk about Taoism, and the Wudang temples were reconstructed, even though half of them were burnt down and some are still ruined.

  • How I Achieved Split in Seven Days!

    Hello! I know my story is already very well known, but I decided to rewrite the article. You can find it here:  Category: Martial Arts Write a Comment

  • How to Achieve a Perfect Split in Seven Days

    In this post, I want to tell you about my story of how I achieved a perfect split in just seven days. During my education in Wudang, I was required to do the split or my journey would have come to an abrupt end. Achieving a split is absolutely necessary for lineage holders in San Feng Pai. I was required to accomplish the split in three months! This post is telling a real story of how I achieved my split in seven days!

  • What Does Taoism Focus On?

    In reality, there are a few drops in the rain which can be perceived. They are enough to ground our soul. When interacting with the endlessly hard and the infinitely soft, we are greatly inspired by the elements. When you are ready to give, you must be prepared to observe under the veil which hides the true intentions of the people. The hidden nature within which clouds the way of the Dao, light the path and be inspired to change.

  • Hello

    Hello all from the States. I have been learning from the online academy for a few months now and am glad to see the forum. I have lurked a bit before but wanted to formally sign-up at last. Great resource!… Read More ›

  • Our Wudang Travel 2017! Pictures & Info

      We came back successfully from our Wudang travel. You can read all of it by following our tag link here!The experience was worth it, and I hope it will inspire you as much as Chen Shiyu inspired us.Some very… Read More ›

  • Master Chen Shiyu is coming to Vienna! August 2018!

    15th-19th August 2018 5 Days with Master Chen Shiyu personally coaching in Tai He Quan. The course will be held in English and Deutsch (if required). There will also be a Chinese translator for Master Chen Shiyu available. Master Chen Shiyu is a successor… Read More ›

  • My Journey to Wudang

    The Beginning Before I fully understood the way of the Dao I stumbled on a lot of problems in our modern western society. People have their reality and decide to force their wisdom up on you, some even without realizing…. Read More ›

  • Hello from SC

    Hello I am new here! Category: Newcomers Write a Comment

  • Does Wudang Kung Fu have Ranks?

    Like the title says.  I was wondering if there is a ranking system in Wudang? Thanks Category: General Discussion Write a Comment

  • Wudang Iphone App from our Grandmaster

    You can find it here: Category: General Discussion Write a Comment

  • [Movie] Learning About Laozi and the Tao Te Ching

    This Movie is about Laozi and his Journey (with English subtitles): Category: Daoism Write a Comment