Ba Gua Zhang – Palms of the Eight Trigrams

八卦 (Bā Guà) – Eight Trigrams

Ba Gua, the eight trigrams, are denoted by symbols named 爻 (Yáo). is drawn as an odd diagram (奇畫, also referred to as the Yang symbol, 陽爻) or even diagram(偶畫, also referred to as Yin symbol, 陰爻). Combined in pairs represent 四象 (this can relate to the four directions or the corresponding mythical beasts, or each corresponds to two of the eight trigrams, 太陰, 少陽, 少陰, 太陽, grouped by the composition of Yin and Yang). With an additional symbol, the diagrams consisting of three symbols make the Ba Gua. The three symbols correspond respectively to “sky above, earth below, and human in the middle.”


八卦掌 (Bā Guà Zhǎng) – Palms of the Eight Trigrams

Bā Guà Zhǎng is believed to have been developed by 董海川 (Dǒng Hǎi Chuān) in the (Qin) dynasty. During a journey to the southern side of the long river (江南), it is said that he acquired inspiration from Taoist ideas, and subsequently integrated his martial art experiences to construct the palm set. He had been employed at an official residence of a prince (肅王府), and the system therefore first spread around Bei Jing.


The Eight Palms

1. 單換掌 Dān Huàn Zhǎng

Single changing palm

2. 托天掌 Tuō Tiān Zhǎng

Supporting-sky palm

3. 順勢掌 Shun Shì Zhǎng

Downwind palm

4. 下勢掌 Xià Shì Zhǎng

Low palm

5. 雙換掌 Shuāng Huàn Zhǎng

Double changing palms

6. 轉身掌 Zhuǎn Shēn Zhǎng

Face-about palm

7. 磨盤掌 Mò Pán Zhǎng

Grinding disk palm

8. 雙穿掌 Shuāng Chuān Zhǎng

Double penetrating palms

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