Baduanjin Qi Gong

Baduanjin Qi Gong

Hello all,

as you may be aware I have begun learning the Wudang version of the Baduanjin Qi Gong.  I have previously learned a couple of other versions and I am aware that there are many other variations, however they are all loosely based around the same principles for each move.

I must say that I can feel my chi more with the Wudang version in most moves.  Having now got the basic movement patterns of each exercise I have a couple of queries:

1.  What is the difference between moves 6 and 8.  I’m assuming movement 6 is to use the backward bend and forward bend to slowly bend the spine one vertebrae at a time.  Movement 8 seems to be more of a stretch.  Is this the correct emphasis I should be aiming for… because at the moment my mobility and flexibility are not too good and both movements feel the same to me.

2.  In the movement 3 video Sifu advises not to push up the shoulder, as is stated in all versions of this exercise to the best of my knowledge.  What exactly should I be focusing on here?  Stretching the back muscles up and down in opposite directions?  Whilst it feels good to perform I am a bit confused here.

I am sure I will have more questions, but would appreciate any advice with regard to these two for starters!

Many thanks,

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