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I was wondering, when a new student starts Wudang Kung Fu, do they begin right away leaning 

Or do they learn some sort of basics 1st like stance work, kicking and punching stuff like that?

Thanks for any replies!!

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3 Comments on “Beginner Training

  1. I am new myself. I first recommend the qigong training. It helps bring awareness towards the different areas Inside the body. Recharging the meridians, give the muscles and tendons circulation. Also gives balance and breathing control. Once those begin to structure the Ji Ben Quan taught me a lot about position, structure, foot work, stances, that all applies to wudang kung fu.
    Thank you,

  2. thank you for the above. I’ve been watching and trying to figure out where to begin and pretty much came to that conclusion. Now can anyone tell me how the tutorials work? I seem to get sent to the place I started from when I click on something I want to know more about. I was thinking a link would connect me to some written information, is this not the case? Please advise. BTW I love the videos and the time and care that is taken to demonstrate the correct way to practice.

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