Carpathian Tai Chi Horse Riding Adventure

Wudang Academy - Traditional Sanfeng Cultural Heritage
Carpathian Tai Chi Horse Riding Adventure

Exercise Taijiquan (Tai Chi), and horseback riding lessons in the mountain environment of the Ukrainian Carpathians.

Our Gong Fu brother Otakar is holding a wonderful international Tai Chi event in the Carpathian Mountains – the European Version of the Wudang Mountains. The Carpathians are very similar looking with its round hills and tranquil scenery.


Wonderful place – wilderness, mountains, horses, exercise, meditation. We will use the practice of perceiving movement and center of the body using the techniques of Taiji Quan, Qi Gong, and meditation, and applying them to horseback riding – and vice versa. This gives us a unique experience of linking movement and energy coordination and body concentration for different life applications. Suitable for complete beginners in both Taichi and horseback riding, or all other levels of skill. The main theme of the stay is the restoration of fitness, cleansing the body in nature, and the overall development of personality.

Date: 24.7.-02.8.2020

Taiji Quan and Qi Gong Coaches:

Otakar Chochola – a member of the 16th generation San Feng Pai school, Wudangshan, master of the Floating Clouds school, architect and teacher of Feng Shui. He has been practicing indoor styles for over 20 years. In China, he studied continuously for 5 years in Taoist temples in the Wudang Mountains and became a follower of the school. He has been sharing his experience for over 10 years.
Stanislav Bulíček – a member of the 16th generation of San Feng Pai Wudangshan, instructor of the Flying Clouds school. Originally a student of Otakar Chochola, he spent 1 year of intensive teaching at the Taoist school in Wudangshan and became a follower of the school.


The farm is located in the Polonina Mountains in the wild, completely secluded. There are comfortable beds with mattresses in the common areas, a stream, and a new shower to wash. Drinking water is from the local spring, toilet – wooden cadibudky. There is no signal or power source on the farm – you will be unplugged for 5 days!


Traditional mountain cuisine 3 times a day is sufficient quantity. Meals are prepared in large pans on direct fire from quality source materials. In the morning there is black coffee and tea from mountain herbs, during the day tea. For vegetarians, there is always a solution for quality nutrition.


There is one wooden cabin for 10 people and one military tent for 16 people with bunk beds and mattresses. Participants in excess of this number may participate in the condition of their own tent and sleep equipment. When registering, the course will be announced.



  • Total price: 440 Euros
  • Transportation is not included.

Upon registration, you need to pay 120 Euros to secure your spot in the event, the remaining 320 Euros you pay on arrival! The registration fee cannot be returned.

The price includes:

  • assistance service for a selected connection to Uzhhorod
  • gathering of participants on arrival in Uzhhorod
  • common brunch in Perecin (breakfast and lunch together) on arrival on the way to the mountains, with tasting specialties of Transcarpathian cuisine
  • luggage transport and transfer to the farm
  • 7 nights accommodation on horse farm – farm
  • 3 x daily meals on farm stay – preparation on fire (also for vegetarians)
  • 2 x bath
  • 7-day program with Taiji and Qi Gong exercises and meditation – 2 instructors
  • training and teaching horse riding in mountain terrain: trainer, lectures, practice
    horseback riding and excursions to mountain ridges experienced escorts and instructor services in place on Saturday morning from farm to Uzhhorod transport to Ukraine and back.
  • accident insurance on the spot

Location Currency:

local currency Ukrainian hryvnia – it is possible to withdraw from an ATM or in exchange for EURO at the local exchange office.

We recommend about EUR 100 for gifts and 1 lunch.

Condition for Participation:

• valid passport (EU citizens do not need a visa)
• payment of the registration fee and the price of the stay
• ability to walk 5 km effortlessly

Travel Information:

We start Friday night from the Central Station in Prague at 21.45 with the Regiojet footbed train. Other starting points are Pardubice, Olomouc, Ostrava, Český Těšín. The connection has a combined transport from Košice by bus to Uzhhorod.
Allow for waiting at the border on the way there 1-1.5 hours, on the way back 2 or more.
After arriving in Uzhhorod on Saturday around 10:30 am local time, change to a personal connection and go straight to Perecin, where we taste the specialties of Ukrainian mountain cuisine in the form of brunch.
After a meal in Perecin, we drive under the mountains, where we get off, load our baggage on the gazebos and walk on our own. Who has bad knees – wands with them.
We return back after breakfast on Saturday from farm to bus in the same way in the afternoon. Arrival in Prague in the morning on Sunday.
Please note that the consumption of own alcohol on the train is prohibited.

After you paid the registration fee please coordinate your travel with our group so you can smoothly join up with us!

The registration fee for the Wudang Carpathian event


After your completed the payment, please fill out the following form to join our group:

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