Calming the Monkey Mind

What prevents us from logic thinking and pure action? The monkey mind is an often discussed topic in China and grew familiar with legends like Wukong (the monkey king). This term originated from Chinese history and can also be found… Read More ›

Daoistische Waffenkunst

Der daoistische Ursprung der Waffengeschichte reicht weit zurück. Generell wurden Waffen nicht eingesetzt um sich auf den Gegner zu konzentrieren, sondern um den eigenen Weg hervorzuheben. Definition: Waffe Eine Waffe ist ein Gegenstand um eine andere Person physisch oder handlungsmäßig… Read More ›

Sima Qian’s Shiji

In Sima Qian’s Shiji, it is written that Lao Tzu was a native of the state of Chu, which is located in what is today the southern part of China. It is also written in this ancient source that Lao Tzu’s… Read More ›

Master ZĪ XIǍO – Wudang Chile

WUDANG CHILE is a project conducted by Master ‘Zī Xiǎo’ Alex Mieza, 16th generation of the Wudang Sanfeng Pai lineage, great Master Yuan Xiu Gang’s official disciple. The project aims to disseminate Wudang internal martial arts and Taoist Wudang culture… Read More ›