New to Wudang

Dear Master Ziji, A good day to you. For some time I have been visiting the Wudang Online School and I am truly impressed by what you are making available. I have participated in Tai Chi programs at local schools… Read More ›

How I Achieved Split in Seven Days!

Hello! I know my story is already very well known, but I decided to rewrite the article. You can find it here:  Category: Martial Arts Write a Comment


Hello all from the States. I have been learning from the online academy for a few months now and am glad to see the forum. I have lurked a bit before but wanted to formally sign-up at last. Great resource!… Read More ›

My Journey to Wudang

The Beginning Before I fully understood the way of the Dao I stumbled on a lot of problems in our modern western society. People have their reality and decide to force their wisdom up on you, some even without realizing…. Read More ›