Wudang Academy

Master Ziji is preparing us for the Eight Immortal Staff form.

Master Yuan Xiu Gang explains Zhan Zhuang - standing Qigong practice.

Master Ziji explains the full Jibenquan form for beginners. Due to the coronavirus this series is also meant for local students.

Can you hold this position for longer than 10 seconds? Leopard Qigong for improving your Qi.

Master Ziji shows us the Dragon form which is number one in strengthening the immune system and stimulate the kidney energy to prevent sickness and tiredness.

Master Ziji shows stretching methods and explains what we should work for...

Master Ziji explains the principle of Fajin - for beginners.

Master Ziji shows various stretching methods used in Wudangshan.

Master Ziji talks about stances, breathing rhythm and what Qi really is and how we cultivate it! Have fun with this full class!

Master Ziji explains how to approach the Sanda basic steps - detailed instructions!

The final episode of these series! Finishing movements - forming the ball.

Master Ziji shows us the seven-star step in the Taiji 28 form.

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