Wudang Academy

Advanced Qi Gong Class - less talking more practice!

We are going deeper into the second part of the form. Master Ziji is explaining step by step.

The last sequence of the Eight Immortal Sword form!

Master Ziji shows us the next movement!

Master Ziji introduces several exercises that can promote your immune system.

This is a request from the online student: Ron Lebfrom! You can also send in videos to mail@wudang.academy! Master Ziji will provide feedback and corrections.

From here on we start with the second part of the eight immortal staff routine.

Master Ziji goes through the Taiji 28 form once again, after the last series is several years old. The pace is a bit faster, and so are the explanations. Still, we...

Here the first Sequence is finished - the form consists of two!

Almost finish! This can be a bit complicated, never give up!

Master Ziji shows the next sequence of the Eight Immortal Staff form.

Master Ziji explains the "drinking" in this episode. This sequence is very interesting!

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