Wudang Academy

Master Ziji explains each Ba Duan Jin form and tells us how to improve our Qi!

The full Baguazhang series of 2019

Master Ziji explains the fluid and continous movement in this particular Taiji 28 sequence.

Master Ziji is explaining the next movements in different angles for easy understanding.

The next movement for the Taiji 28 form.

Master Ziji is showing us the next movement in the Taiji 28 form.

Master Ziji introduces specific exercises for the cold winter season, including the five animals Qi Gong afterward.

Master Ziji shows the correct hand posture for male and female students. Later on, an explanation about the Dragon and Snake posture follows.

Master Ziji explains how to improve breathing and stretching with the five animal Qi Gong exercises.

Master Ziji explains in detail the individual exercises and leads the class over one hour and 10 minutes to make sure everybody understands each exercise logically.

Master Ziji is explaining the first half of the Tai Chi 28 form with corrections and practical explanations.

Master Ziji explains the kick technique and routine for new students.

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