Wudang Academy

This is part eight of the Taiji 28 form, from a deep posture we continue a circular movement and finish it with a slow front kick.

Master Ziji shows us exercises for opening blockage in the spine and hips.

Master Ziji explains the next movements of the Taiji 28 form.

Master Ziji shows us the next movements from the Taiji 28 form

Master Ziji explains how to activate your energy and how to breath during the Qi Gong exercises.

Master Yuan Xiu Gang shows us exercises on how to open meridians and stimulate energy. You may also like The Business of a Wudang Master and Wudang Student – Way of...

Master Yuan Xiu Gang explains how to open your hip blocks.

Correct posture explained and how to practice the kicks.

Master Yuan Xiu Gang explains important points for Tai Chi Quan practice. Suitable tutorial for beginners.

Master Yuan Xiu Gang is showing ways how to improve the relaxation by stretching the tendons and implement this into the Qi Gong practice.

Master Yuan Xiu Gang speaks about the internal development and the relationship between student and master.

Master Yuan Xiu Gang is explaining why and how we should warm-up. Emotional states and everything around the practice is explained!

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