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The basic exercises are important before you dig deeper in the Wudang Tai Chi and Kung Fu exercises. They promote health, flexibility and strength training for beginners. Mǎ Bù = horse stance Gōng Bù...

Master Ziji is showing applications and breathing of the next section.

The first high kick in the Taiji 28 form.

Master Ziji explains the transition for the next sequence in the Taiji 28 form.

This was part of our seminar in August 2019, a full introduction to Wu Xing Qigong. Instructed by Master Ziji in English and German.

Master Ziji shows the first movement of the Taiji 28 steps.

I wanted to remake the Taiji 28 series with better recodings and improved explanations. Enjoy this new series!

This episode contains the parry movement which is similar to french fencing.

In this section Master Ziji (Michael Weichhardt) shows the transition to the three jumps.

Master Ziji introduces the next section of the Eight Immortal Sword form.

The next movement consists of high and lower postures and two times Tan Tui. Master Ziji shows the section from many different angles.

Master Ziji shows us the inconvenient leg step which is also used in the Ba Xian Gun (Immortal Staff) form. Information about the Yuan Xiu Gang seminar here: https://wudang.academy/yuan-xiu-gang-taiji-seminar-in-vienna/

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