Wudang Academy
Traditional Longevity Exercise

Master Ziji shows an 800-year-old exercise from Daoist monks to keep their blood circulation healthy and lower back strong.

Three steps Mabu and long reach slash. Master Ziji explains step by step from various angles.

Long swipe, three steps, jump and Mabu.

Xuan Gong Dao Part 4

Master Ziji shows the next part of the Xuan Gong Dao movement set.

Third part of the Xuan Gong Dao - Saber form movement!

Second section os the Xuan Gong Dao movement! Slowly explained and from various angles.

Xuan Gong Dao Part 1

The beginning of the Xuan Gong Dao saber form!

Xuan Gong Dao Seven Basic Steps

Wudang Xuan Gong Dao - the Wudang Gong Fu Saber form is mastered by first learning this seven basic steps. Try to follow the instructions by Master Ziji closely!

The final movement of the Ba Gua Zhang form set! Step by step by Master Ziji.

Tai He Quan Part 4

We continue with our Tai He Quan practice, Master Chen Shiyu is showing us step by step.

Tai He Quan Part 3

This part includes the whole day of video recording! Master Chen Shiyu explains many things about the Tai He Quan form and shows everybody many new steps!

Tai He Quan Part 2

Master Chen Shiyu explains the next step of Tai He Quan! Before we are doing a little repetition and then proceed to a detailed explanation.