Master Chen Shiyu Philosophy Tai He Quan

Caught in Your Own Self

The strongest opposites are like fire, which prevents us from progressing. Those who set off will find strong obstacles, so confused people always move in circles. Until we understand that we have never moved, caught in our own ring of fire.

Daoism and the ego

Our assessments do not play a role in Taoism, it is important to understand our limitations and to grow out of them. The more opportunities open up to us, the more diverse our fate becomes. If you have less, you will find faster the high cliffs and deep valleys that have formed in us over time.

Those who find peace can do everything, regardless of how others judge the decisions. The frame of reference is self and self results in the answer.

The fatal error of the mirror image

There is only one Dao, images are empty shells that deviate from the origin. Every drop of the great whole ocean contains a reflection of our self. So we find ourselves in other people and recognize in them our own conflicts. If we then try to “help” these people by trying to solve our inner conflicts in others, that just can not be good. This will be a serious problem if we have never realized who we are.

Self-help comes before neighbor help.

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