Dao De Jing chapter 37

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    道常無為而無不為 侯王若能守之 萬物將自化 化而欲作 吾將鎮之以無名之樸

    鎮之以無名之樸 夫將無欲 不欲以靜 天下將自定


    The constant state 1 of Dao is taking no action 2 while there is nothing it does not do. If the lords can comply with it 3, all beings will develop by themselves 4. Develop and desires arise, I will suppress it with the nameless simplicity 5.

    Suppressed by the nameless simplicity, there shall have no desire. Does not desire and hence enters calmness, all under Heaven will settle by themselves.




    1.       常(Cháng), often, regularly, or be of the common state, usually, always.

    2.       無為 (Wú Wéi) , inaction, as seen previously in chapter 2.

    3.      守(Shǒu), to guard, to keep, means to be consistent with it, to comply with it.

    4.       自(Zì), self. 化(Huà), to grow, to change, to develop.

    5.       樸(Pú), raw material, extended to mean plain, true. See chapter 15.


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