Dao De Jing chapter 48

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    為學日益 為道日損
    損之又損 以至於無為 無為而無不為

    Doing learning accumulates 1 day by day. Practicing Dao reduces 2 day by day.
    Reduce and further reduce, to the point 3 of reaching not-doing. Not-doing yet nothing is not done.
    To take hold of 4 all under heaven is usually done by having no issues 5. When there are issues, (one) is not able 6 to take hold of all under heaven.

    1. 益(Yì), to gain, to increase, to benefit.
    2. 損(Sǔn), to degrade, to damage, to decrease.
    3. 至於(Zhì Yú), to arrive, to reach (a condition or result).
    4. 取(Qǔ), to take, to fetch.
    5. 無(Wú), to not have, to not exist. 事(Shì), thing, matter, issue.
    6. 不足以(Bù Zú Yǐ), is not enough to, does not possess the condition to (achieve something).

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