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    Justine Fernandes

    Hello from Sheffield, UK

    I am so happy to have found such a comprehensive collection of materials from the San Feng lineage. For a long time I have wanted to study in Wudang. Now I am using my time to work hard on flexibility, strength, and the basic forms, in the hope that when I travel I will be in a good situation to learn more, and less likely to have progress limited by injuries.

    I was born with a condition named Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, which caused me great pain, fatigue, and a list of other problems. This is a condition where the collagen is abnormally soft. I am flexible, but have to work hard on strength.

    Acupuncture gave some relief, the I Ching helped me to live as well as I could, but it was when I started practicing Qigong that my physical problems went away.

    For five years I have been practicing Qigong, yoga for 15 years before that. I have some Kung Fu experience, but not much, and in a very ‘external’ style.

    I have long been captivated by the beauty and ‘something ineffable’ of the Wudang style. Very happy to be training with you, so thanks.

    I have a daily practice already, so I am incorporating new exercises from the basic flexibility and strength sessions into that, day by day. Benefitted already from the dynamic shoulder stretches. From Monday I will start to incorporate Ji Ben Quan, and work slowly slowly, aiming to achieve quality. I have some extra time over the summer, so I will have another daily session to learn Wudang Ba Duan Jin. I forgot to mention, but 10 minutes Zhan Zhuang is also something I have recently incorporated into daily practice. I hope to increase the duration in due course.

    I’ll post a video or two in a few weeks.


    Welcome to our community! 🙂 nice to have you here.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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