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    Hi! This is my first day of training Ji Ben Quan. I don’t know how to write it but the phonetics sound like shie bu. It is the last move of each section that goes down low and you are supposed to sit on your heel. I cannot get that low. My legs collapse under me as they are not that strong. How do I train my legs to get strong enough for that move?



    Hello Debbie! Pinyin is written like Xie Bu

    Try to first hold the position when you are low – do not try to go right from standing – take your time sit down .. go into the low position of Xie Bu. From there you can train for power by trying to stand up with a straight back. Also, there are some exercises that can really prepare you for the postures – I recommend to follow this video: – especially the end of the video he shows low positions that work with the hip.


    Thank you Master Ziji. Your tips and the video will be very helpful. Am I for sure starting at the right place? That is the first lesson for a beginner?
    Thank you,


    I would do Wu Xing Qi Gong and Ji Ben Quan first; yes – that is an excellent start. You want to be free in movement, and that can be a hard experience in the beginning.

    Justin Sharbanee

    Thanks Debbie and Master Ziji, helpful tips! I too was enjoying Ji Ben Quan up to Xie Bu.

    Thanks for the link to the hip opening exercises… I presume daily practice of the 5 stances in conjunction with the beginner basics stretching will compliment the WuXing and JiBenQuan foundation training.

    Thanks again

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