Wudang Academy Support Path

Welcome, fellow traveller, to the Support Path of Wudang Academy. Our connection with you goes beyond the harmonious dance of Taiji and into ensuring your journey with us is as fluid and enlightening as possible.

Whether you encounter obstacles in your digital passage, seek more profound understanding about our teachings, or require guidance with your membership flow, our devoted support disciples are here to assist. Just as we cultivate harmony in our practices, we strive to bring balance and resolution to your queries and concerns.

Found a bug or broken page or link?

Please understand that the Wudang Academy is over 10 years old now and never changed its platform. Due to hundreds of updates on the website from wordpress.com, there may be bugs and unused pages from old versions. Your experience has priority. Once you tell us exactly what did not work for you, we will fix it immediately! Large updates from the wordpress.com platform may introduce new issues randomly, while we cannot control the updates, we can fix the issue immediately with your help.