Tai Yi Wu Xing Quan Seminar

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Tai Yi Wu Xing Quan Seminar


29 Oct 2021 - 1 Nov 2021    
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Wudang Academy
Siebenbrunnenfeldgasse 12/1, Vienna, 1050

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The Tai Yi Wu Xing Quan is also called the five-element fist shape and is an authentic training routine for Daoists of the Wudang Sanfengpai lineage. Master Ziji is one of the few inheritors of this highly complex and effective art. The routine strengthens the body, helps overcome weaknesses, and helps understand traditional Daoist martial arts. The fundamental benefits that you get from this workout routine are definitely a lifetime asset.

The seminar will start with the foundation of the five elements, the medical understanding of the positions, and the foundation of the principles of Fali – the practical usage of explosive power. With the usage of Fali, you can detect health problems and an overall understanding of controlling Yin and Yang internally. This will greatly benefit the martial artist in general and better understand using power more efficiently.

Is this seminar for beginners?

With the lessons of the five elements, there is so much new basic knowledge that it is best to start somewhere to understand the further training. Master Ziji has developed a method that enables beginners to intensively, efficiently, and quickly get a practical reference to the teaching of Taiyi.

Who is this seminar for?

For people that are interested in including the doctrines of the five elements into their daily routine. These principles build upon the whole Wudang system of the Sanfengpai lineage. Secondly, understanding Tai Yi Wu Xing Quan can greatly enhance understanding of Yin and Yang, hence greatly improving your Taiji practice!

How we study:

Each student receives a notepad for personal notes. Master Ziji will also provide practical examples of the principles for everyone to understand. Any student can immediately practice and try to implement these new principles. Since each of these is explained practically and logically, each should better understand the principles by the end of the seminar.

Modules of the Tai Yi Wu Xing Quan

The seminar will build up from these modules:

  • Five Element Stepping: Learning the foundation of the five-element step will strengthen the knees and give your therapeutic knowledge of your positions.
  • Reverse Meteor Strike: This punch is an essential routine to practice the coordination of relaxation and tension to bring out a linear way of constant power. In combat, the punch also helps to overcome the gravity center of the opponent.
  • Fali – Explosive Power: The principle of using an impulse to effectively bring the maximum amount of strength out of a relaxed position. This is the Daoist foundation of traditional combat.
  • Seven Gates Breathing: The breathing must be specific for the Tai Yi Wu Xing Quan to coordinate relaxation and power and bring both into the desired regions. The seven gates are the doors to infinite power, and with the correct breathing, we learn to control that. The seven gates relate to the main meridians in our bodies.
  • Energy conversion: Converting your energy to the extremes is the foundation of the Tai Yi doctrine. Master Ziji will teach everyone exactly how to use energy from the extremes. The extremes relate to Yin and Yang and are the exact opposite of Taiji; therefore, it will greatly benefit your current Taiji practice to understand the other side of the coin.

Terms & Conditions

Seminar Schedule:

  • Friday (29th): 5pm to 8pm (3 hours)
  • Saturday (30th): 8am to 12am (4 hours) – 1 hour lunch – 1pm to 5pm (4 hours)
  • Sunday (31th): 8am to 12am (4 hours) – 1 hour lunch – 1pm to 5pm (4 hours)
  • Monday (1st): 8am to 12am (4 hours) – 1 hour lunch – 1pm to 5pm (4 hours)

The seminar consists of 27 hours of education. Lunch is optional with us or outside of the school.

Booking terms:

In general, the registration fee for the seminar cannot be refunded. If participation is impossible due to the COVID-19 situation, then the fee will be refunded fully.


  • Daoist uniform – available in school for 100 EUR
  • Indoor shoes with light/white sole – available in school for 25 EUR


  • Registration fee: 100 EUR
  • Seminar costs: 350 EUR


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