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Date(s) - 24 Mar 2022 - 27 Mar 2022
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San Feng Tai Ji Jian

The San Feng Taiji Jian is one of the oldest Taiji sword forms, which according to the San Feng Lineage, is the original routine from Zhang Sanfeng himself to integrate the inner arts. To use the sword not as a weapon but as an extension of the body, to exercise strength and energy with the influence of nature is one of the goals for learning this routine. The integration of Taiji with the sword plays a vital role in Daoism; since the sword is the gentleman’s weapon, the sword stands for pure and straightforward intentions.

The Wudang sword is similar to the other martial arts practiced on the mountain. All have an internal style that avoids direct clashes with the opponent and instead relies on speed and rounded movements that block attacks and give the opponent strength.

In the Wudang mountains, swords have flexible blades that are not designed to counter forces with force; Instead, a swordsman should block and redirect blows before striking. The nature of the weapon, of course, corresponds to the principles of the Wudang arts.

The Wu Dang San Feng Tai Ji Sword is considered a national treasure of the Wudang mountains and inherits the principles and philosophy of our lineage.

What Should I Consider Before Trying to Learn Taiji Sword?

For starters, everyone can learn the form. But you should ask yourself if you want to wield a tool and a weapon. Investing in a sword is a decision as well as wielding one. Sword is a Daoist tool for self-development but also a weapon for Daoist martial arts.

All ages can learn this form, and it is interesting for beginners and advanced students.

Sword is the heart of the Wudang school; the heart of Wudang becomes visible when one becomes proficient in the sword.


  • You need to bring a training sword with a flexible blade. If you don’t have one, you can also order a new one at our school! Don’t hesitate to contact mail@wudang.academy if you want to see what’s available! (at least 4-5 weeks shipping time!)
  • Daoist Uniform (also available at the seminar locally)
  • Indoor training shoes (no black sole).


It is recommended to check out our online training program for flexibility before attempting the seminar. This is certainly no requirement but will make a lot of things faster and easier to understand.


  • 24th: 9-12am, 2-5pm (6 hours)
  • 25th: 9-12am, 2-5pm (6 hours)
  • 26th: 9-12am, 2-5pm (6 hours)
  • 27th: 9-12am, 2-5pm (6 hours)

In between, we have a 2-hour lunch break. The seminar consists of 24 hours education.


  • Registration fee: 100 EUR
  • *Breakfast 5 EUR/day
  • *Lunch 5 EUR/day
  • Seminar costs: 390 EUR

*Traditional homemade Daoist meals. Please make sure to register with the Lunch/Breakfast Ticket when you want to eat with us.


For participation, you need to pay the registration fee below. Paypal also supports bank transfers or credit cards.


Upon arrival, the fee for the seminar has to be paid locally in cash.


Bookings are closed for this event.

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