Exploring the Limits of Internal Arts

Exploring the Limits of Internal Arts

People are okay in general by judging themselves and others and putting them and themselves in a place which they perceive as right. Because this worldview stagnates the growth, problems may occur once physical or mental conditions change.

Welcome to the path of Taoist practice!

We breathe and live but most of the essential things we do subconsciously without realizing its importance. The key of these important things is the natural order in which we reside to keep ourselves in a healthy balance. People are resilient but their minds are weak if not challenged. True comfort is when people understand the difference between comfort and not having comfort. To Taoists an “easy life” is what we want, for Taoists, an “easy life” is an efficient one, so to make ourselves efficient we have to explore our difficulties.

Union of being

We overcome our physical condition when we have a set focus on accomplishment. Our intuition is identifying with our mental state – the concentration, the focus of what we see as so important. Coming directly from our hearts is the emotion of our condition to direct our energy which originates from the Dantian which resides in a Wuji-state (void, empty, calm, quiet) to make all directions possible to choose from.

The mandate of the heavens

One has to overcome earthly desires and boundaries to understand the essence of what it is that keeps us from moving forward. The result is the unbounded and dearest desire which our subconsciousness strived for, also known as the mandate of the heavens – what we truly want to accomplish – our reason for living.