Finding the Best Tai Chi School

Finding the Best Tai Chi School

It often happens that someone goes to a seminar for a few days and then immediately opens a Tai Chi school in their home country. Is Tai Chi something that is so easy to understand and reproduce? Many talk about representing a style. So let’s keep going so you don’t fall into the Tai Chi trap. Most people are confused by this topic as everyone is talking about understanding it but just using the same phrases to justify their understanding of Tai Chi.

The Real Tai Chi

Many people speak of the health benefits of Tai Chi, but this is absolutely counterproductive if the body is not well trained, as any slow movement has a more intense effect if done incorrectly and therefore causes long-term harm to the unsuspecting practitioner.

The main focus of Tai Chi is that advanced students practice in three steps to develop a connection with the Dao:

  • Step 1: Improve Coordination externally with Hands and Feet.
  • Step 2: Figure out the internal rhythm with breathing, relaxation, and power.
  • Step 3: Work internally towards self-improvement.

The following things are trained when practicing Tai Chi correctly:

  • Knowledge of body coordination during a combat situation.
  • Most efficient power transmission and earthing principles as well as leverage.
  • Bringing out the most power and focus it

What people really look for without knowing:

People’s typical urge to find a Tai Chi school can be traced back to expectations that improve health, for which Tai Chi is only suitable to a limited extent. Just because we think Tai Chi looks beautiful doesn’t necessarily make it a useful tool for our health cultivation.

If people would listen to the Daoists’ advice, one should practice Qi Gong for one’s health. Care should be taken that this is not easy to do and not watered down by some “quick seminar masters.” It is recommended to practice our Ba Duan Jin Qi Gong and Wu Xing Qi Gong daily for all kinds of health care. These are two holistic systems that train and strengthen the entire body step by step with each new exercise. Best suited for back and knee pain and very effective for neck pain, posture problems, curved spine, and other things. Consult our school in the community forum if you want to ask more about it!

If you are still looking for a Tai Chi school:

Then you probably want to learn internal martial arts! And this is only recommended to study from authentic masters and not from some “weekend certificates.” Master Ziji is giving first impressions in our online classes what Tai Chi really is, but we recommend to visit our school for personal coaching. A real master needs many years of daily training; the education alone in the Wudang mountains takes five years, and from there on, one must develop his Tai Chi for further understanding. Respect Tai Chi and the long journey that comes with it!

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  1. I am 70 years old, when walking I feel pain in around hips and like something hold tight around it, make me hard to make a step

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