Before my studies in Nei Gong, and martial arts in general, I was attracted to the art of using hand-seals. (or mudras, if you prefer.) Namely the Kuji In system was my introduction. And I attribute this system with starting the path which eventually led me to Taoism. The ninja clans of Japan were of course famous for using a lot of these, but the origin can be traced all the way back to ancient Vedic cultures. The knowledge traveled from India, to China, then to the Tendai monks of ancient Japan.

I have learned more than I can count right now, and they all have specific purposes. Some are for generating chi, while others direct the accumulated chi to specific areas. One of my favorites, is for sending chi to one’s Thymus Gland. (see below) This gland is an essential endocrine gland, responsible for the production of mainly B and T-cells. It shrinks in size as we grow older, and eventually becomes dormant in adults. With the mentioned hand-seal, we can revitalize it and see noticeable results in our health. In theory, one could even combat cancer, because you could generate a surplus of T-cells that will hunt and destroy any radical cells.

Probably one of the most effective hand-seals that I have learned is the Bagua hand-seal. (see below) It’s a mysterious seal, for me, as there is not a lot of information about it. But I discovered it during my research of specifically Taoist mudras. The old taobums forum has a posting about it by Mak Jo Si, a man whom I contacted about the said seal, and he replied saying, ‘You’re not supposed to use that! Taoist sects are very secretive and you can’t just use their seals!’ Well, he shouldn’t have posted it on a forum, because now I know it, and so do you!

Does anyone else practice any hand positions on a regular basis? If so, please share your thoughts, and perhaps your favorites and their applications.

The following seal (Sha, #4 in Kuji In) is for increasing the efficiency of our Thymus Glands 
— Warning —- One must have a surplus of chi before practicing this, lest you end up using your vital essence.  (you’ll get incredibly hungry, tired and crabby) It is advised to practice the first three Kuji In seals, before spending considerable time with the later ones. I will post more on this system soon.

Here is the Bagua Seal. My personal favorite! It’s an anti-demonic seal that has many benefits such as: Breaking chi blockages, activating the Dantien, increasing ESP and probably more.

—— if anyone knows more about this most excellent seal, please share. When I first learned it, and found out it was of Taoist origin, I knew Taoism was for me. It was a big reason why I decided that I will travel to Wudang. To learn more seals and Kung Fu!

May the Force be with You!

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