Happy New Year and Workshops

Happy New Year and Workshops

We, the Wudang Academy, welcome everyone in the New Year 2019 and would like to share some of the things that are happening here this year.

Important: April seminar

We provide a course in basic and advanced Qi Gong, Tai Ji and Nei Gong exercises. The right method is important and we offer this option especially in Salzburg to be easier to reach for our neighbors in Switzerland and Germany.

Here you can see all the seminars and workshops…

Wudang trip in May

We fly to two schools in Wudang in May. All further details can be found under the courses! It’s certainly a great way to get closer to the language and culture and to learn a thing or two about the Wudang arts.

Summer planning

In the summer we have some plans, but more details are still unclear. In any case, we would like to soon offer workshops for staff and spear art. If interested, please contact us, we are looking for participants.

First Qi Gong lesson in 2019

We were a full class with many participants, unfortunately, just in our studio some lamps have failed, so it was a bit dark:

Erste Qi Gong Stunde 2019

The Wudang Academy wishes you a successful training!

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