Hello, new member here.

Hello, new member here.

Hello all,

just a few lines to introduce myself…  I am a 49 year old male originally from England, though at the moment I’m living in Germany.  I currently practice the Wu Family 108 hand form (square and round) and some Wu style Qi Gong.  Before that I learned the Cheng Man Ching 37, and did lots of Post Standing.  I also used a different 8 Brocades to help recover from a bad knee injury.

I am a solo learner & practitioner and train mainly for health and enjoyment.  I have been attracted to Wudang forms for a long time but never felt I could do it due to so many old injuries and aches and pains.  That changed a few days ago when I saw an older gent training the Wudang 13 Tai Chi on Youtube.  I was inspired and signed up!

I would like to learn the Baduanjin Qi Gong and the Tai Chi 13 Form as I can then be flexible with training sessions – ie.  shorter sessions throughout the day rather than trying to fit in a long form in one go.  Quality over quantity.

I look forward to training…

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