Hi Everyone

Hi Everyone

Hello Wudang Forum !

My name is Guillaume, i’am French and i have 20 ys.
Since several years, i practice Martial arts, i have began with some karate-do, by myself and all ressource i can find. On my journey, i meet Chinese martial arts, and i started to get interessed.
In order to continue, i have studied firstly Yang ChengFu style of taijiquan, i continued with master Yang Jwing Ming, and his style, barehand, chi kung and weapons.
Yet Wudang martial arts attract me for a long time, so when i saw that i can learn by this Wudang Online Academy, i just take account and began to studied.
Now, i continue with basic, Xuan gong quan, and other, and it’s really rewarding to practice, discovers, and understand all is hidden on the form.
In other ways, i practice some other arts like photo, drawing etc, (if som people are interessed i can in futur send my website to share.)
futhermore i really like Nature, i practice Sailing on tall ship, and that so fo the moment haha !

so i wish you good evening and see you 😉

Guillaume T
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