Master Chen Shiyu

How Daoists Clear Their Mind (Meditation)

In practice, a clear head means that you can concentrate freely without being distracted. This ability expands personal freedom to do the things you want.

For example, to elaborate on this, we will describe the Daoist meditation practice.

One of the oldest and most original Daoist meditations is to stand on one leg on a cliff on the mountain. One would think that standing on one leg physically pushes the practitioner to their limit, but the mental pressure is much higher. True freedom to relax in such a situation is central to this practice.

Accept the Situation

You block your own way with your ego when you can’t let go of it. The mind and body’s situation must be accepted; the body will show up in pain and resistance, while the mind will show poor focus and restlessness. In this exercise lies the secret of immortality as described in Daodejing. The body tolerates, and the mind determines; the tolerance and existence of both things determine existence for eternity.

If someone cannot stand quietly on one leg without worrying about how long it will take, they are not ready for this exercise and lack the focus needed from this practice.

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