How I got started – in case you don’t dare!

Dear forum readers,

this is the story of how I got started with practicing in the Wudang academy in Vienna, I hope you find it inspirational or even interesting

The first training
I had thought about starting doing “sports” again after a longer period of inactivity. My goal was to “get in shape” and have do a bit more to keep my body healthy. I thought about joining a regular gym, I had tried to do more sports on my own (running, own bodyweight exercises, etc.) – always with the result that I wasn’t motivated to do more after only a few trainings.

At this point I thought about starting Martial Arts and timidly typed “Kung-Fu Vienna” into the Google searchbar, only to find that a few Dojos and Schools existed in my district. I circled in on two Kung-Fu-Schools and chose the one with the more state-of-the-art webpage (now it’s official – I’m a marketing victim).

After two weeks of moving my first training here and there, I agreed on a try-out training with Master Ziji and went to the training on Friday afternoon. By this point I didn’t know what to expect, although I had read on the webpage that the school offers classes in various disciplines and difficulties. I was friendly greeted and the training started with a training of the basic stances plus a few punches and kicks. I was very excited about finally learning something and not only “doing exercises”, but after a few minutes my body was so shocked by the heavy energy use that I started to get out of breath and sweated heavily. I tried and tried to continue, but at some point I just had to take a break for 20 minutes and recover some energy. Meanwhile, my older Kung-Fu brothers were effortlessly jumping, punching and kicking the air – and I was astonished given these super human abilities.

After the trainig ended, I was exhausted, but happy and went home to relaxed on the couch. When my wife returned home, she almost didn’t recognise me. I got up and she told me that I had grown in height and looked better than for a long time. At this point I realised how proud I was and how much completing the training successfully had added to my self confidence.

The second training
With the second training came the fear. While ignorance had saved me from any reservations about getting started for the first time, I now feared the physical exhaustion that was about to happen. I hesitated for a moment and played with the thought of staying at home, but still went to the class. 
As a returning “youngest Kung-Fu brother” I was even more friendly greeted and the training started. Right at about half time I gave in to my fear of exercising too much and had a veritable panic attack. My heart beat at an insane rate, I thought that I’ll fall flat on my face every minute and I was bathed in sweat. But I remembered the previous training and thought to myself: you did it once and now you’re going to do it for a second time!
And then I did. I took a moment to catch my breath and finished the second class. And my third. And my fourth…
You just read how I stumbled into my first Kung-Fu class, panicked and went with it. But why is this important?
To me, it is important, because for the first time in years I have found an activity, that stimulates body and mind and that takes me on a journey of my comfort zone and pushed the boundaries each time. This means a lot to me, because my body had begun to function less and less due to only sporadic exercising after a series of knee injuries. My mind had started to build “walls” around certain activities that were too “dangerous” (like exercising in the heat or direct sun), just because I hadn’t done it for too long and didn’t dare anymore. And now it has changed!
A big thank you to my Kung-Fu family, of which every single one makes the progress of each other possible.

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