How our Taiji seminar went!

How our Taiji seminar went!

Hello everybody! Our seminar we had this weekend on 24-25th August is over and we did a lot of amazing things for you to share.

Starting with Qi Gong

Our seminar started on a beautiful Sunday with our usual Qi Gong routine! It was the five animals Qi Gong and Master Ziji took his time and explained the reason why we do Qi Gong and what Qi Gong changes within our bodies.

The Qi Gong introduction and practice is available in our online class:

Tai Ji fundamentals

After the Qi Gong we introduced the first Tai Ji fundamentals, starting with Tai Ji Cloud Hands.

The Tai Ji Cloud Hands give us an understanding of the basic coordination and fundamentals of how Tai Ji works in a practical and logical understanding.

If you like to read more about this topic you can read more about it in our complete guide:

No Placebo

We did not give anybody the chance to make his own ideas, we are a school of practical understanding and so we tested out our newly learned things in partner exercises and applications – it was carefully tested if the student really understood what he is doing.

Corrections and Open Feedback

There were some positions that were critical to understanding. We find it important that every student can look at the details of what the movement is about and point out what is wrong or possible for improvement. The opportunity to judge someone’s practice will sharpen one’s own impression when watching himself through the mirror or practice self-reflection through his own videos.

Tai Ji is living!

What we have chosen to learn should now be cultivated by everybody. We have given our students the ability to understand what Tai Ji is in a logical and comprehensive way. The focus of the seminar to maintain a healthy Tai Ji practice in private life when the master is not around. The self-sustaining cycle of life experience of what Tai Ji can give you is important to use this knowledge every day. Once in awhile corrections from the master are important and also his instructions to widen your horizon, but for now, everybody is self-responsible to keep the treasure of Tai Ji self-cultivation.


We plan to do many more seminars in future, the plans for next year will be provided during the end of October and you are welcome to participate and explore the knowledge of Wu Dang San Feng Pai together.

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