How to Travel to Wudang and Hotel Contacts

How to Travel to Wudang and Hotel Contacts

Travel by Road

The Wuhan-Shiyan expressway connects Wudang Mountain with Wuhan and the Xiangfan-Jingzhou expressway which reaches Wudang Mountain, Xiangfan, and Jingzhou, and both run to the Pearl River Delta and Yangtze River Delta.

The Fuzhou-Yinchuan expressway reaches Wudang Mountain and Xi’an and national roads 316 and 209 both pass through Wudang Mountain, with long-distance buses coming ten times a day.

There are three tourist roads on Wudang Mountain: one from the entrance to the Crow Ridge, about 25.05 kilometers long, and passing through scenic sites such as Hui Long Temple, Needle-Grinding Well, Guan Di Temple, Lao Jun Temple, Prince Slope, Dragon Spring Temple, Tian Jing Bridge, Wealth God Temple, Wei Lie Temple, Purple Heaven Palace and the South Crag Palace; a second is from the entrance to Er Ya Zi, Lao Jun Tang, ending at the Middle Temple of Qiong Tai; the third runs from Hao Kou in Liu Li Ping Village to Five Dragon Palace.

Travel by Rail

The Xiangfan-Chongqing railway line, 916 kilometers long, from Xiangfan City in the east to Chongqing in the west, passes to the north of Wudang Mountain. The main stops at Wudang are Wudang Mountain and Shiyan stations. Some ten pairs of passenger trains stop at the above stations. Also, there are the CRH trains from Shiyan to Wuhan.

Travel by Air

Shiyan Wudangshan Airport, It is located 15 kilometers from the city center and 20 kilometers from Wudangshan.

The second nearest airports to Wudang Mountain are Xiangfan, about 140 km from Wudang Mountain; Wuhan, about 400 km away (there is an expressway); Nanyang, about 400 km (also an expressway), and Xi’an, about a bit, longer, at 320 km (also with an expressway).

Wudang Mountain Hotels

Hotels Near Wudang Mountain

Three-star or higher hotels in Wudang Mountain or nearby:

  1. Wudang Ya Ge International Hotel, five stars, Beijing Rd, city of Shiyan; 0086-719-8608888
  2. Wudang Jianguo Grand Hotel, five stars, just inside the entrance to the Wudang Mountain Scenic Area; 0086-719-4006508811
  3. Wudang Mountain Hotel, four stars, Yongle Rd, Wudang Mountain Special Zone; 0086-719-5665548
  4. Wudang Tian Zun International Hotel, four stars (under evaluation), to the east of the tourist zone entrance; 0086-719-5659999
  5. Tai He Xuan Wu Hotel, three stars, Taihe Avenue, Wudang Mountain; 0086-719-5664333
  6. Tian Lu Holiday Villa, three stars, east side of the Purple Heaven Palace; 0086-719-5689115
  7. Jiu Long Mountain Resort, three stars, Wudang Mountain’s Crow Ridge; 0086-719-5689176
  8. Kai Xuan Electricity Hotel, three stars, Taihe Avenue, Wudang Mountain; 0086-719-5663666
  9. Qin He Business Hotel, three stars, Taihe Avenue, Wudang Mountain; 0086-719-5664280

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