If you want to be Wudang student …

If you want to be Wudang student …

Looking at the elegance and grace of Wudang masters may be a great inspiration to us, but it is a great step to truly learn from this inspiration for our life.

If we can fully agree with our self to go beyond our understanding and discard all these expectations and conflicts, then we are ready to understand things that did not occur to us before. It is the essence of what we understand to be good and bad, the decision of which is the common source of our development. The master of a Wudang school has the mission to bring this understanding on a natural path of harmony.

The way will be tough

While all control their focus with power, the Master checks the relaxation. It’s what makes the Wudang teaching unique – staying with yourself, being relaxed and using your energy efficiently. We believe we understand, but Master is here for a good reason, testing the personality of his newcomers. The more important it is, the more the upcoming student is lifted from his comfort zone. Who cannot reconcile the teachings with his ego has no place in a Wudang school.

Wudang and the growing horizon

The perception, intention, relaxation, tension, all those things that make up our lives are answered. Anyone who has never learned professionally will not be able to imagine it. The depth of an inner martial arts school ends only with your own understanding. Therefore everyone lives for their daily improvement of personal problems and conflicts. That is why in our school everyone has so much power as never before in their life, it does not arise from any general answer, but from the individual training method that our Wudang teaching has provided for everyone.

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