Important Details for our Chen Shiyu Seminar in Vienna 2018

Wudang Academy - Traditional Sanfeng Cultural Heritage
Important Details for our Chen Shiyu Seminar in Vienna 2018

Hello and welcome! First, I am sorry for writing all of you a bit late. Master Chen Shiyu is currently on a plane arriving soon to Vienna, and may be the same for you if you are coming from a foreign country.

Thank you for participating in this first event of our Wudang academy, now I will explain more details about the seminar itself:

You are in a traditional martial arts school of San Feng family, which means there are specific rules to consider. Most of them are self-explanatory, but some rules may be new and unknown, also try to practice your Chinese, I am sure master Chen Shiyu will appreciate your dedication and effort.

We put together a video which explains appropriate manners in a traditional Chinese martial arts school; please make sure to watch it before participating in our seminar:

The first day of the seminar

On Wednesday we meet at this spot at 8:30 am:

It is important to not be later than the expected starting time, for respecting the teachers. It is also important to warm up and do stretching before exercises to avoid injuries.

The first class will start at 9:00 am, the topic is Qi Gong with master Ziji till 10:00 am.

Right after the Qi Gong class master Chen Shiyu will arrive and we will start a tea ceremony. During the ceremony the elder students of the school will present performances in front of master Chen Shiyu. Afterwards it is a good moment to present gifts to master Chen Shiyu! You can read here what would be appropriate.

The tea ceremony will finish at around 10:30 am, now it is the last chance with a toilet right around the corner! We will walk together to our next location here:

The class location is very quite and calm and very few people will actually pass by and look. It is a perfect location for our Tai He class which will start there at around 11:00 till 12:30.

When this class finishes there will be around an hour of lunch break, as stated before we will not provide lunch for you. There are many restaurants nearby, or you may bring your own lunch with you.

At 13:30 we will begin with our stretching class and at 14:00 we will continou with the Tai He Quan lesson from master Chen Shiyu till 16:00.

The next days

Will be held in a similar pattern, we may discuss what to change after the first day. Please make sure to be on time and arrive always a little earlier. You can ask questions in the comment section below!

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