Introducing Zhan Zhuang Internal Healing Principles

The inner principles from the Daoists in the Wudang Mountains contain essential elements for cultivating a healthy balance. What is known today as TCM Chinese traditional medicine was researched and trained there based on trials. An older expression would be inner alchemy, but today it is unfortunately associated with a lot of esoteric and practically irrefutable content. Zhan Zhuang is an essential practice for cultivating Jing, the essence stored in the kidneys. Kidney energy is important for self-liveliness, clear perception, and strong, shining eyes. One who cultivates his kidney energy is active and clear in being. Jing is one of the three treasures (Sānbǎo 三寶), the Daoist teaching from the elements of which the life energies are explained.Qi, Jing, and Shen are the three fundamental energies from which we explain strength, vitality, and being. Everyone wants to protect and cultivate these treasures to prevent diseases and weakness. To not misunderstand Zhan Zhuang, you must follow our guidelines precisely to have the right effect in training. Zhan Zhuang is a flexible and individual practice that cannot be generalized to anyone. The practitioner must correctly follow the Basic Principles to interpret the Zhan Zhuang exercise successfully. With the two videos below, we explain the principles, the theory, and we stand together with you and give you practical tips and advice on how to stand Zhan Zhuang properly.The first video systematically explains the body’s posture, extremities, neck, and eyes. Master Ziji also deals with posture difficulties and presents specific stretching exercises to improve one’s posture. Take the time to test these techniques and methods carefully on your own body. Then, you can quickly check the pose with a friend or with a mirror or smartphone; this has to be done because postural errors are not, or very difficult, noticeable yourself.Zhan Zhuang is an intensive exercise, and therefore we are with you in the video. Nobody should believe that Zhuan Zhuang is something the body can do without proper determination. The inner conflict is always present, and you can only overcome the inner resistance with a positive attitude towards the practice. Only through continuous training does the self come to terms with it and come to rest; not compromising oneself can also help carry out this exercise. After the first timer (15 minutes), the first phase of Zhan Zhuang is reached when the spine was absolutely still. It should then become warm, evenly distributing this heat from bottom to top. After that, the brain waves go into a REM-like regeneration sleep and open the energy channels. From now on, the body can free itself from negative things in the body and mind; these usually express themselves painfully or in the form of a mental conflict. Therefore, you should keep this phase going for as long as possible for the best results.The second video is about the actual practice; Centina Alexa and Master Ziji stand together with you and set two timers; one starts in 15 minutes and the second in 30 minutes. The 15-minute timer gives us the signal when Zhan Zhuang is working; every minute counts if you can stand longer. From the second timer onwards, the exercise is over, and particular suggestions and views follow.You cannot do everything at once, and daily or continuous Zhan Zhuang training is the key to improving your mind and body. On your way to self-cultivation, tensions and blockages are released, bad postures become noticeable and dissolve, concentration difficulties that affect the body are overcome. The difficulties are removed over time, and the practice becomes more enjoyable; from then on jing is effectively cultivating, and our life energy is visibly healthier and more robust.


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