The International Wudang Academy of Internal Arts is the international association of the San Feng lineage from Wudang. Here the entire authentic San Feng style is taught following the traditional teachings. To maintain the tradition and the quality of the Wudang schools, the training opportunities of the Wudang Academy are important to convey the basic knowledge and up to advanced thematics in a practical and comprehensible manner.

The emblem of the Wudang Academy is a quality assurance and guarantees the authenticity and ensures professional competence in the field of application. Courses, training, and seminars at the Wudang Academy are practice-oriented and contain a full understanding of the applied Daoist healing, philosophy, and martial arts.

In contrast to the chaotic and commercialized development with the San Feng Cultural Heritage in China, the International Wudang Academy of Internal Arts defines a precise level and thus guarantees quality.

The search function will give you access to the topics you are looking for, and you can always ask or provide information on our forum.  You can also join our membership to learn more about the Wudang arts. Our website has a massive database, and all this costs money to keep the site up and fast; as an independent institution, we do require your support to continue our job.

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Educating in the west about Wudang and Daoist culture is the purpose of our Wudang academy. In contrast to China’s chaotic and commercialized development, we intend to keep our content unbiased and available to everybody. While there are many self-proclaimed Daoists in Europe, our website will help you understand and identify imposters. Wudang is not Wudang, and the understanding of Tai Ji varies significantly upon an educational level; our goal is to narrow this gap down as much as possible. The teachings of the San Feng Lineage are rigorous and focused on traditions and self-development. Understanding these teachings in a practical sense is the highest priority in our educational content.