Knee problems and power highkick training

Knee problems and power highkick training


My name is Baldur, I am fifthteen years old and a big fan of Wushu. I got into martial arts about two years ago. I was struggling a lot with knee problems, and have done so since I was about 10 years old.

I have tried the xie bu exercise and I think it does good for me. But I think that the power highkick exercise could help, if I found a good way to do it. I just have one concern: My knees keep cracking (like making the noise) if I place the “kick” higher than to hit an ankle. Should I set the kick a little higher and let it make a small craking noise or just keep it at ankle heght?

The fun thing is that I can do high taekwondo (snap) kicks without these problems, just because I can use the momentum rather than muscle strength.

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