Liang Yi (Tai Yi)

While Taiji is about harmonizing Yin and Yang, Taiyi (also called Liang Yi) is about separating Yin and Yang and staying in balance while pushing Yin and Yang to the outer limits. Taiyi is more advanced than regular Taiji, but it is still part of our Taiji system. We do recommend learning basic Taiji before attempting Taiyi.

There are two routes in Liang Yi, the fast forms and the slow forms. The fast forms are more Gong Fu oriented and rely on explosive power from internal coordination. The slow forms should be practised with deep focus and high intensity.

Fast forms:

Slow forms:

Some forms have many synergies with Liang Yi, they are based on those principles but are not limited to advanced students. If you want to try out implementing these principles, you should look at the following forms: