The Official Wudang Academy in Vienna

Wudang Headquarters

In Vienna (Austria), in the middle of Europe in Vienna (Austria), Master Ziji and Centina Alexa run the Wudang school and teach authentic martial arts at a Chinese level.

In our academy, everyone can learn to understand the principles of the internal Wudang martial arts.

At the end of each lesson, it is essential that everyone can implement it themselves and knows exactly how to continue working on themselves.Our academy officially belongs to the Sanfeng lineage. Furthermore, the educational programs are part of the Sanfeng-line system and therefore formally recognized by the Sanfeng-family.

The training consists of a highly efficient overall system to ensure understanding of the Sanfeng Lineage’s cultural heritage. The general aim is to impart the full knowledge of the Daoist culture in the west.Our academy is the official lineage holding institute of the Sanfeng legacy to oversee education in western countries.

In addition to the local school, there is an extensive online program on our website. The academy also offers international educational programs.

The Wudang Academy is the first port of call for Westerners interested in this culture.

Get Started Now

If you are new and interested in attending the classes, select a class in the timetable and book a unit of your choice. Recommendation: Choose a Qi Gong class! (This is usually the best start for newcomers)

What do I need?

The first unit is relaxed getting to know each other, and it is best to wear clothes in which you can move freely.

For all ages

The training is suitable for every age group; everyone has their challenges and perspectives for further development.


All students receive individual coaching. Postural errors are corrected immediately to build good health and a clear awareness of body and mind.


If you still have questions, please feel free to contact us via the form below:

The Qi Gong membership only involves classes in the Qi Gong category.

Price: 50 Euros/monthlyThe Qi Gong membership only involves classes in the Qi Gong category. This membership is for students up to 26 years.

Price: 35 Euros/monthlyThis membership involves all classes in the calendar (no seminars).

Price: 95 Euros/monthlyThis membership involves all classes in the calendar (no seminars). This membership is for students up to 26 years.

Price: 75 Euros/monthlyAll visitors, including newcomers and seminar attendees, are subject to membership guidelines. So please take a quiet minute to read the next section below.

Association guidelines

  1. All members and course participants are liable for accidents; they are responsible for any injuries caused by them. If the member/course participant is not of legal age, the legal guardian is liable.
  2. Members and course participants are responsible for their own health. The association assumes no responsibility in any health-related matter, does not make any diagnoses, does not carry out any therapies, but only makes recommendations.
  3. Endangering yourself or other members/course participants and damage to reputation, damage to the association, other manipulation, and confusion of members and course participants can lead to the board’s immediate exclusion.
  4. The appearance of the members and course participants at least 10 minutes before starting the training unit is desirable.
  5. The instructions for the training/course leader must be followed at all times. Before leaving the training session, the training leader’s permission must be obtained.
  6. Members and course participants are obliged to keep their training uniform and training shoes clean and tidy at all times.
  7. A hygienic, clean, and well-groomed appearance in Wudang Academy means training motivation and willingness to train.
  8. Uniforms are mandatory!
  9. Members and course participants agree to the publication of video recordings to promote the association.
  10. The course/membership fees are to be paid punctually at the beginning of the month or quarter.

Data protection

  • Your data will be stored with us for the duration of your membership/course registration. If you leave the association, your data will be stored to meet our statutory retention requirements for the legally prescribed period (usually 7 years or, due to some public funding agencies’ requirements, 10 years).
  • As a participant in our association events, your personal data will be stored, insofar as this is necessary for registration or participation in the events. We can also inform you that photographs, sound, and/or video recordings may be made during our club events. These recordings can be used in various media (print, TV, online) and publications (print, online) by our association.

Nationwide terms and conditions

When you apply for membership, print and fill out the following form:

The Wudang Academy in Vienna is the first official training institute of the Sanfenglinie in Austria. The aim of the academy is to impart the knowledge and the practical application of the “internal martial and healing arts” according to the Chinese training standard. Each training includes practical and written exams.

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