Martial Arts, Tai Chi & Qi Gong on Budget! Worth It?

Martial Arts, Tai Chi & Qi Gong on Budget! Worth It?

You may find many other Wudang schools outside of the San Feng lineage – some are a lot cheaper, but is it worth choosing another lineage over a lower price? Let’s find out:

Different lineage

There are many viable options when you really want a different lineage, for whatever reason. But there are also much less qualified schools due to the lower price and lower quality control. A lower price usually means the schools prefer to have more foreigners coming to their school to make money, often they care less about how you are preserving the tradition in your country. The best option usually is to go directly to the grandmaster of the lineage, which gives you a much higher chance to receive actual high-quality teachings – but not for a lower price.

Why does the master not teach me more? I am disappointed!

Hold your horses here! If you want a traditional school, you have found it! It is not usual in traditional schools to tell you everything from the beginning. Why should the master even teach you? Just because you paid a lot of money? That is not how tradition works in China. In the San Feng lineage, one must prove himself to be of good personality and dedication to the lineage to improve oneself. Whining about your lessons by demanding it will not help you when the master has no interest in teaching you that may be a sign to get your “things” (almost said a bad word) together.

It is common for the cheaper schools to be more attractive to foreign people because they give you a “show” and try to appeal your demands. But with this attitude of the master, you will not feel the accomplishment compared to a traditional school.

There are many more blog posts on this website of how to appeal to a traditional school!

The Method of Internal Arts on a Budget:

This topic is practically nonsense; there is a big reason why schools of internal arts are more expensive than others. The principles and method of internal arts are designed for the whole being and teaches you about yourself, health, personality, and martial arts. Knowing as much as possible is the key in these schools, and that is why most masters do not like to give it away for people who are not prepared to understand. In my school, most people truly grasp to understand the internal arts after one year of intensive training. Working with yourself and your accomplishments from overcoming your borders is something that is experienced during the training. Imagine your body lived wrong to some degree and it got adapted but regularly you feel a lot of neck and shoulder pain, improving health and yourself is usually a very demanding process which relies on the intensity.

I see a lot of people from other Wudang schools, and they have not even scratched the basis of the power & relaxation method (Yin & Yang) instead they wave around their arms like sorcerers. Being blinded by “magical” exercises is part of the marketing strategy. There is no control in China when you register at one of this schools; it is your fault.

Ok, so how can I identify a “good” school?

When you want to have a quality education then you start looking at the number one place with no budget compromises. Watch our Youtube channel and see if the postures are truly combined with Wuji – the movements should be calm and under control – no matter if fast or slow. It is where our Wudang Academy comes in; we always ensure quality even for foreign trainers. Knee pain, shoulder pain, back pain, basically all kind of obstacles physically and also mentally in concentration and behavior can be fixed in a very short amount of time (usually within a month) when the master is qualified. Wudang internal arts are not about fixing your issues over years, but fixing them real quick and then start your real training to improve. You make a compromise in Wudang teachings – the master in China probably will not force you to do it since you are a foreigner, but there is no chance for being ignored in our international Wudang Academy – you are IN or OUT. That is how a traditional school is for traditional students.

Future of Traditional Schools

For now, we have agreed to support Master Chen Shiyu’s school since it is indeed a traditional school if you care about quality content in the internal arts. The most problem people have with his teachings is that he does not talk much, instead of hearing him talk you should carefully observe what he is showing you. And most foreigners stop practicing when Chen Shiyu is not looking, this he will see, and he will think you do not take it seriously – no point in him teaching you seriously too. As a student, you are at fault first, and you should try hard in what is being told to you. It is your choice if you want to be a student or a “tourist”. We plan to support much more authentic traditional schools in the future…

If you are mentally prepared we recommend to learn at his school, more information here:

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