Master Chen Shiyu in Vienna!

Master Chen Shiyu in Vienna!

15th-19th August 2018

5 Days with Master Chen Shiyu personally coaching in Tai He Quan.

The course will be held in English and Deutsch (if required). There will also be a Chinese translator for Master Chen Shiyu available.

Master Chen Shiyu is a successor of the 15th generation San Feng lineage and famous for his world-class skills in the Wudang arts. Watch his video below:

This is a video of Tai He Quan (Great Harmony Form) – the oldest form which is still existing from Wudangshan (previously called Taiheshan). Tai He Quan falls under the category of Taiji forms, and while it is very short, the movements are advanced and systematically improve health, control, concentration and promote the harmony – balance inside the body. Tai He Quan is an internal Taiji form which is very famous in Wudang and a signature form for Daoist life philosophy.

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I never practiced Taiji before! Does it make sense for me to participate?

Absolutely! The course is suitable for beginners and advanced practitioners. While the main course is a group, Chen Shiyu will check everyone individually and is always available for questions. We have a translator in case you don’t speak Chinese.


Every day from 15th-19th August:

9:00 – 10:00Easy Qi Gong Class
10:00 – 10:30Traditional Tea Ceremony
10:30 – 12:00Tai He Class 1
13:30 – 14:00Gong Fu Stretching Class
14:00 – 16:00Tai He Class 2

During these five days, everyone will learn the complete Tai He Quan form and receive a participation certificate.

Easy Qi Gong Class

Qi Gong will reduce the stiffness in the body and improve the blood circulation which is essential to prepare the body for the upcoming Tai He class. This class will be held by Master Ziji (San Feng lineage successor of the 16th generation and the host of this event). The Easy Qi Gong Class is already a well known Qi Gong course in Vienna and has a reputation for being very efficient in improving and restoring health. The Easy Qi Gong Class is also recommended and certified by many doctors and therapists in Vienna.

Traditional Tea Ceremony

Master Chen Shiyu will demonstrate an authentic Wudang tea ceremony with many tea specialties from the Wudang Mountains. During this ceremony, you will have time to get to know Master Chen Shiyu better. A traditional tea ceremony is usually a very social and talk-active event. Some tea snacks for the hungry will be prepared.

Tai He Class 1

The first part of the Tai He class. Master Chen Shiyu will personally teach together with our translator. The course will include detailed instructions and step by step coaching on a group- and personal basis.

Gong Fu Stretching Class

Stretching is essential for a flexible body and mind. Gong Fu stretching promotes relaxing and makes the Taiji movements of Tai He Quan much easier to execute. This class will be held by Master Ziji who is very experienced in efficient stretching to promote circulation of internal organs and elasticity of tendons, fascia, and muscles.

Tai He Class 2

The second part of the Tai He class. Master Chen Shiyu will continue the teachings from the first part. There is also more room for questions.


Every day 12:00-13:30

There is a buffet very near our location, you can join us or check out one of many restaurants near our location. For a little walk, you can also reach three different supermarkets.


For foreigners who travel to Vienna for this event we selected the most cost-efficient and nearest accommodations (Prices are for 15th-19th August for a single person):

We are not responsible for your accommodation, you have to organize this yourself.

What You Need:

  • Traditional Taiji or Daoist Uniform – We are fine with regular clothing but this is very unusual and traditional clothing would show a lot more respect towards Master Chen Shiyu. *This is not a requirement but highly recommended! You can order handmade Taiji or Daoist clothing in this store:
  • A little gift for Master Chen Shiyu! Does not have to be expensive but should come from the heart. This is a Chinese tradition and should be presented during the tea ceremony.

*If you are a completely new to Taiji regular clothing is fine!

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