Growing Stronger Together – Master Chen Shiyu’s First Time in Vienna

This Sunday our five-day seminar officially ended and Master Chen Shiyu is about to enter his plane and fly home to Wudangshan.

The Cultural Exchange and the San Feng Pai Method

Master Chen Shiyu Portrait

We did our best to prepare everyone for the Chinese culture and the understanding of the Daoist principles. Our respect for the traditions came through very well, and it made Master Chen Shiyu witness the growing of Daoist culture so far away from his home in Austria. He left with a big smile and high expectations for our school in the future to ensure the tradition and promote the Wudang culture further.

Everyone came from all around the world, and it filled us with great honor to show Master Chen Shiyu the importance of this educational meeting. This gathering was something that no one can achieve on his own. What connects us is the knowledge of the San Feng lineage, and the tradition grew very fast beyond the Chinese borders with the power of everyone. Together we are the San Feng family and ready to bring harmony to ourselves through determination and hard practice. We must communicate and help each other to spread the knowledge, that was Master Chen Shiyu’s last request before he left on the last day.

The understanding of the San Feng method is vital to develop internal martial arts. It can ensure health benefits and is suitable for every age. Growing a strong character with a healthy physical body. First one should attend to Gong Fu practice to become physically stronger, increasing the quality of blood. Right beside that, the method of Qi Gong is essential to improve the Qi. Eventually through Gong Fu and Qi Gong one may understand the practice of Tai Ji, giving Qi direction with the natural power of Yin and Yang. During the practice, the presence of Wuji becomes more evident and the students may become proficient in the internal arts. Understanding the internal arts will improve the person on many levels and will eventually inspire and help others. The ultimate level of internal arts is the returning to the Dao, living in a natural way.

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The Start of a New Beginning for Tai Ji

The knowledge we learn in Qi Gong, Gong Fu, Tai Ji and Tai Yi is essential as a whole. They are the pillars to build a sturdy house with nine floors. Each discipline in the San Feng lineage will support and build upon each other. The Tai Ji as many have known until now is just the surface of what one can achieve in the Wudang system. The Tai Ji system of Wudang is based on classic Chinese medicine and the knowledge of the Daoist ancestors, there are books and practical masters today, such as Master Chen Shiyu himself or other lineage holders of the San Feng lineage. To fully comprehend the Wudang method one needs the guidance of a knowledgeable master as the complexity of the Wudang system is firstly hard to grasp.

Becoming Active in the Wudang Way

Everybody can benefit from your personal practice. Inspire the way of Wudang as you learned in the seminar and spread the word of Wudang arts. We recommend reading the Daodejing and simple Daoist texts first. Without practical understanding the books will not really help you, at least it took me multiple times to fully comprehend written Daoist knowledge. You may find a lot of this knowledge in our website, simply look it up with the search function and browse our blog posts! Taking action should be your priority for improving yourself with great effort.

Final Day of the Seminar

On the last day of the seminar, we took some group pictures at the end, and Master Chen Shiyu wrote some artistic calligraphy for our students.

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What Will Happen Now?

We will add all teachings of Master Chen Shiyu in our online class! You may find there the videos in the next days! Because of the great success, this will surely not be our last workshop, and I hope you stay subscribed to receive new information as soon as possible. You can watch all the pictures I took under the following link:

Downloading is free, but you also have to option to print out the pictures and receive them to your home! The money earned from the printing will help our school to spread more Wudang knowledge.

Thank You, Everybody, for Participating!

I am very honored to have met all of you in person and I have high hopes for your internal development. The end of this seminar may be the start of your internal path, walk it determined and proudly.

Yours Sincerely

Master Ziji (Michael Weichhardt)

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