Master ZĪ XIǍO – Wudang Chile

Master ZĪ XIǍO – Wudang Chile

WUDANG CHILE is a project conducted by Master ‘Zī Xiǎo’ Alex Mieza, 16th generation of the Wudang Sanfeng Pai lineage, great Master Yuan Xiu Gang’s official disciple. The project aims to disseminate Wudang internal martial arts and Taoist Wudang culture around the country, Chile, mainly through training courses, seminars, conferences, classes and various other activities.

This project was born by an idea of Master Zi Xiao’s student, the professor Rodrigo Riveros Arias, director of the Wudang Sanfeng Gongfu Chile Academy. The Wudang Chile project is a proposal open to anyone who wishes to form in the Wudang system and seeking to help spread around the country.



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  1. This project represents a true opportunity for Taoists in spirit and body, and for kung-Fu, Taichi enthusiasts living in Chile to practice and develop Wudang Traditional KungFu with this Master and his local professors. I am honoured to have become part of the Academy. Long live the project.

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